Wastewater Treatment Facility Construction

About Wastewater Treatment Facilities

JJ Westhoff installs lagoon wastewater treatment facilities for rural areas. Lagoons are a cost-effective way to manage the wastewater in your town and our facilities are designed to receive and stabilize wastewater for prolonged periods of time. Many towns, and even large cities, use lagoons to treat their wastewater. These pond-like bodies of water are designed to treat the water until the treatment process is complete and the water is safe for the ground again.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Construction Process

Lagoons are lined with clay, or liner material, that prevent the wastewater from seeping into the ground prior to treatment. The water is treated in the lagoon through a combination of chemical, biological, and physical processes, many of which are done naturally. Some lagoon systems can be designed to increase the amount of oxygen in the wastewater by aerating the lagoon. This process makes our treatment methods more efficient and allows for a smaller area of land and smaller lagoon.

Each lagoon is designed specifically for the job site. All of the factors of the land that is chosen must be taken into consideration when building a lagoon. The location must be large enough and have a small ecological impact on the people and wildlife in that area.

Lagoon and Pond Construction

If you are in need of a lagoon or pond to contain runoff water or excess water during rainy months, we can help. We will construct the lagoon or pond to your specifications and design plan. We can construct the lagoon to be pleasing to the eye, even if it is just for holding excess water or acting as a container for runoff water. Contact us today to learn more about lagoons and ponds for the containment of excess water.

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