Mitigation & Remediation

JJ Westhoff Construction provides environmental mitigation services for erosion, contamination and structural problems. If you are experiencing any of these issues, we can help to mitigate the problem and remediate it. To begin the process, we will assess the situation and determine the best way to reduce the severity of the issue before we move onto the remediation process.

Erosion Mitigation & Remediation

We will examine the problem, design a unique plan for your job site, and begin working to fix the area. To see a full list of erosion services please refer to our erosion service page.

Contamination Mitigation & Remediation

To stop and reverse the contamination that was produced by storms or faulty material, specifically groundwater contamination that has resulted from an issue with a monofill, landfill, or wastewater treatment facility, we will design a mitigation plan around the specific cause of the problem as well as the area that needs to be mitigated. As these situations vary from site to site, we mold our standard procedures around the needs of your project. Contamination situations can turn dangerous very quickly. We will test the area to see what precautions, including the evacuation of the job site and surrounding area, need to be taken before and during the decontamination period. We will also provide further testing after the contamination has been mitigated to determine when the location is cleared for re-entry and when the water in the area will be safe to use again.

Structural Damage Mitigation and Remediation

Structural damage can occur over time through natural causes, by contaminants in the ground or groundwater, or during a severe storm. JJ Westhoff will determine the extent of the damage and begin repairing and replacing the affected structures. We will also determine if the damage below ground is greater than what appears above, and restore that as well.

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Are you in need of a mitigation and/or remediation service for your monofill, landfill, wastewater treatment facility, or lagoon? We can help restore your site to its previous condition. Whether a storm came and damaged your establishment, caused contamination in your lagoon or wastewater treatment facility, leaked contaminants into the groundwater, etc., we can help you begin the process of restoration. Contact us today!

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