Monofill Construction

About Monofills

Monofills are landfills that are intended to be used for only one type of waste. This means that the landfill must be dedicated to only disposing of waste that is comprised of that specific waste material. This type of landfill is considered to be the most responsible and environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste. The monofill process allows for something that a typical landfill does not, which is the ability to use the waste stored there in the future when a recycling process for that material is developed. The hope using a monofill is that it is just a temporary storage facility for waste that is to be recycled later.

Monofill Construction Process

To build the monofill, we will complete the earth moving and installation. After the landfill has been excavated, we will place a bottom liner system throughout the landfill that will provide a layer of separation from the landfill content and the groundwater. We will then place individual cells within the landfill to hold the material stored in the landfill and install a stormwater drainage system. We will also make sure your monofill is equipped with a leachate collection system and cover or cap to seal off the top. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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