Landfill Construction
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About Landfills

Landfills are a sanitary site intended for the disposal of waste and refuse. The waste material is placed into the landfill and covered with soil. Landfills can be used for all different types of waste, unlike monofills, which are typically only used for one. The landfill process is not as eco-friendly because it is almost impossible to separate the waste into different materials to recycle. Still, there are codes that are maintained at each landfill to ensure that there is no negative effect on the groundwater around the landfill or the environment. [Read More]

About Monofills

Monofills are landfills are that intended to be used for only one type of waste. This means that the landfill must be dedicated to only disposing of waste that is comprised of a specific waste material. This type of landfill is considered the most responsible and environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste. The monofill process allows for something that a typical landfill does not, the ability to use the waste stored there in the future when a recycling process for that material is developed. The hope with a monofill is that it is just a temporary storage facility for waste that is to be recycled later. [Read More]

About Wastewater Treatment Facilities

JJ Westhoff installs lagoon wastewater treatment facilities for rural areas. Lagoons are a cost-effective way to manage the wastewater in your town. A lagoon wastewater treatment facility is designed to receive and stabilize wastewater for a predetermined time period. Many towns and even large cities use lagoons to treat wastewater. These pond-like bodies of water are specifically designed to treat the water so that once the treatment process is complete, the water is safe for the ground again. [Read More]